Name Changes: Paperwork, Bureaucracy, and Headache

There are many scenarios wherein people need to change their name or the names of their loved ones. The most common scenario involves people who have recently been married or divorced. However, there are other situations in which a name change may be appropriate.


Picture this, you just got married, you went on an amazing honeymoon with your new partner, and now you’re back home. Now you start looking into how to change your name legally. For people who were married, this process usually involves getting the proper paperwork together, filling it out carefully, and filing it with the clerk of court where you reside. This may or may not involve some associated fees. So far, it sounds like a relatively easy process. However, the process doesn’t stop there. You then must get all your other documents changed to reflect your new name. This involves paperwork with the Social Security Administration, The Office of Motor Vehicles, and many more government and private institutions. Often, this amounts to a headache inducing, stress filled process that takes months.

               The process is very similar for when someone goes through a divorce as well. However, there is a short cut in these cases because if your divorce is not yet final, you may petition the court within that divorce proceeding to change your name at that time.

               Whether you are enjoying your new found marital bliss, need to change your name because the marital bliss has ended, or just want to change your name for another personal reason, Algero Law can help you file all the necessary paperwork to:

  • Get the name legal changed
  • Get the vital records (birth certificates) changed
  • Get your name changed with the Social Security Administration
  • Assist you with getting your name changed with the Office of Motor Vehicles

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