Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

Have you or a loved one been arrested? If so, please call me as soon as possible so that I can try and assist you. The criminal justice system is a large machine that operates only to harm those who have been accused of a crime. With quality legal representation, you and your loved ones can fight the criminal justice machine.

Man with handcuffs
Police car with siren on

Juvenile Defense

Do you have a child who has been arrested or is incarcerated? If so, you need an attorney who knows the differences and intricacies of the juvenile justice system. The juvenile justice system moves quickly so get help quick, call Nick today!

Personal Injury

Have you been injured and feel like you need help? Whether it is a car wreck, premises liability, or workplace injury you should contact us! We have the right tools and connections to get you the treatment you need and the money you deserve. Insurance companies want to pay the bare minimum, we wont let them.

Young man calling for help after car crash
Judge's gavel

Family Law

Family law cases are some of the most important and intricate cases in the justice system. Whether you need a divorce, custody modification, protective order, or simply need to divide the property owned by your and your spouse, get help quick – call Nick