Bail or bust: Should you post bail?

Imagine that you are at home when you get a call from a friend or family member asking if you can bond them out of jail.  Posting bail for someone is often stressful but if you are prepared, it can greatly reduce the amount of stress the process creates. First and foremost, if you have an arrest warrant or bench warrant, do not attempt to bond your loved one out of jail. This usually results with you being arrested yourself. Always call ahead to the facilities and ask them what their individual procedures are.

Be sure to know the following information before bonding your loved on out of jail.

  1. What is the bond amount/Does the person have a bond?
  2. What are the fees and charges that you have to pay in addition to the bond amount?
  3. Does the facility take cash, card, or check?
  4. Would you rather pay a bondsmen or bail the person out yourself?
  5. Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANT to ask before going:
    • Are there any holds on the arrested person?
    • A hold can be placed for a number of reasons such as bench warrants, parole/probation violations, etc.
    • If your loved one has a hold, you should be aware that even if you pay to bond them out, they will not be released without the hold being lifted first.

What are the pros and cons of going with a cash bond or going with a bondsmen?

Cash bond

  • Pro- Once the case is completed, you will get your money released back to you.
  • Con– You have to pay the full amount of bail, which can often times be very high.

Commercial Bond

  •  Pro– You only have to pay between 10-12.5% of the bond amount to the bail bondsmen.
  • Con– You will not get this money back after the case is complete.


If your loved one was arrested, please call Algero Law today. We may be able to help you and as always, “Get help quick, Call Nick!”

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