Changing Directions: A Case for a Modern and Empirical Approach to Pretrial Detention and Bail In many jurisdictions within Louisiana, Bail is set by a Judge upon the issuance of a warrant. That warrant is either issued before the arrest is made[1] or within 48 hours of an arrest[2]. In either event, the judge reliesContinue reading

Name Changes: Paperwork, Bureaucracy, and Headache

There are many scenarios wherein people need to change their name or the names of their loved ones. The most common scenario involves people who have recently been married or divorced. However, there are other situations in which a name change may be appropriate. Picture this, you just got married, you went on an amazingContinue reading “Name Changes: Paperwork, Bureaucracy, and Headache”

Grand Theft Auto VI: SWLA

Carjacking is the intentional taking of another person’s motor vehicle that occurs when the driver or passenger are present. This is only the first difference between this charge and the others in this article. Arguably more important is that this charge requires that the state prove the use of force or intimidation. If convicted ofContinue reading Grand Theft Auto VI: SWLA

DUI: What you need to know

Most people have had one too many and gotten behind the wheel. In fact, on average, a convicted drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before his or her first arrest. Let’s set the scene. It’s a Friday night and you were at your favorite local watering hole with some friends. You had a couple drinks and you decided to go home. First thing you should always do, is take an Uber, Lyft, taxi, or call a designated driver. This is ALWAYS the safer and cheaper option. However, if you do drive under the influence, you need to be aware of important information.

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